Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

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In Usui Reiki there are three levels that are taught traditionally and the courses I run include the following at each level:

In Reiki I you are taught the basic techniques and positions for hands-on treatment both for yourself and others, as well as Reiki meditation methods. Following your attunement will be able to practice Reiki, giving healing treatments to yourself and others. There are four attunements at this level that are given in one powerful attunement.

In Reiki II you learn more advanced techniques that enable you to heal at a distance and specific treatment methods. You will also receive the first 3 sacred symbols that can be used for

many purposes including mental and emotional healing. It is often said that the level of energy flow achieved following the Reiki II attunement is equivalent of up to four times that of the Reiki I.

Reiki III includes more advanced healing techniques and attunement at this level confers the ability to teach and attune others to use Reiki themselves. The Master Symbol, Reiki Kanjis and Reiju are taught. Dr Hayashi's treatment methods are also described. It is often said that the level of Reiki flow following the Master level attunement is equivalent of up to 10 times that of the Reiki I.

For more information on Reiki please follow this link…

I have covered so much in the manuals that form the course that it's impossible to list everything that's included! But there are well over a hundred pages of material and these build into a complete 'Book of Reiki' – covering everything from 'The History of Reiki' to 'How to Perform Distance Attunements'.  There are four manuals all together – one for each level and a Teacher Manual that is sent after the Level III/Master attunement with details of how to attune others to the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system.

Course includes:

  • 7 attunements: 4 multi-level attunement at level I, then single attunements for levels 2 and 3

  • 4 detailed course manuals by Rev. Anna May (Maya) plus 1 info PDF featuring all the hand positions for treating others and self-healingin pdf format by email

  • eBook: "The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork” Companion Guides Compendium by Rev. Anna May. EXCLUSIVE to Mayastar Academy students and designed to support your learning process by including everything you could possibly need to know from a beginner; but with enough to inspire those with experience too! For details of the contents, please follow this link

  • A copy of the Mayastar Information Pack (includes information on working with animals, treating others, reading suggestions, info about starting a business, attunements, FAQs and much more!)

  • A copy of the complete Mayastar Syllabus including condensed information and prices for each course

  • The e-book "The Astonishing Power of Gratitude" by Wes Hopper

  • Your lineage details

  • All manuals and information delivered in PDF format by email

  • MayastarAcademy Accredited Certificate of Achievement in PDF format with an opportunity to upgrade to a Mayastar Academy Accredited Diploma. This confers the suffix "MAYA.DIP (name of modality)" Information here…

  • Eligibility to become a registered healer with INHA on completion of your course (if you choose to do this you can use the letters RH, INHA after your name)

  • Eligibility to become a registered metaphysician with WMA on completion of your course (if you choose to do this you can use the letters RM, WMA after your name)

  • Retention of your student record so that your achievement may be validated and confirmed in the future if required (for example, for insurance purposes or to verify a lineage)

  • Unlimited ongoing email support beyond the duration of your course

  • No time limits; you are encouraged to learn at your own pace and to enjoy the process!

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